The Biggest Weekend For Birds

Blue-winged warbler (photo by Shawn Collins)

This weekend is a great time to see migrating warblers. So many are on the move that you don't have to go to a hotspot to see them.  They're in every tree.

Blue-winged warblers prefer shrubland and old fields but during migration you might find one anywhere, even in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Don't let his name fool you.  At first glance you may not see blue wings.  Your brain will register "yellow body, white wingbars, black eyeline."  Are his wings blue?  Not always.  In many light conditions they look gray.  The clincher is his black eye-line -- a long black line that connects his eye and beak.

You might find a blue-winged warbler near home right now.

This is the biggest weekend for birds.


(photo by Shawn Collins)