Jun 13 2014

Fledge Watch Opportunities This Weekend

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Wtaching the eagles at Hays (photo by Kate St. John)

Want to see peregrine falcons or bald eagles?  This weekend four sites in the Pittsburgh area have young raptors ready make their first flight.

Watch Peregrines at ...

  • Monaca-East Rochester Bridge:  Four juvenile peregrines are fledging at this site June 11-16.  The nest is over water so your watchful presence may save a young peregrine's life if it lands in the river (you can alert a nearby boater).  There are no officially organized times to watch at this bridge though I can tell you I plan to stop by on Saturday.  Click here for a map.
  • Neville Island I-79 Bridge:  One female peregrine is due to fledge from this site June 14-19.  Anne Marie Bosnyak and Laura Marshall will be at the adjacent Port Authority Park-n-Ride and Fairfield Inn parking lots for much of the weekend. I plan to visit too at 9:00am Saturday.  Watch this blog or Pittsburgh Falconuts for dates and times.  Click here for a map.

Juvenile bald eagles at the Hays nest, 11 June 2014 (photo from the PixController eaglcam atHays)

Watch bald eagles at...

  • Hays eagle nest:  Three eaglets have been flapping like crazy on camera this week so it's only a matter of time before one of them makes his first flight.  Dedicated eagle fans will be watching from the Three Rivers Heritage Bike Trail all weekend.  Bob Mulvihill from the National Aviary will be there on SUNDAY at 9:00am.  C'mon down any time.  It's free!  Click on Bob's name or here for a map.
  • Harmar eagle nest:  This nest is much harder to watch since the Hulton Bridge construction closed the small parking lot with the best view.  Eagle fans have been known to stand by the side of busy Hulton Road in Oakmont. (Yow!)  Before leaf-out there was a good, safe view from the patio behind Oakmont High School. Bring a birding scope and look for watchers on the Oakmont side of the river. If you find a good place to stand, leave a comment with directions.

The weather will be great for Fledge Watching.  Let's get outdoors!


p.s. Happy news from Westinghouse Bridge:  On June 11 PGC's Tom Keller found a day-old hatchling at the Westinghouse Bridge peregrine nest (two eggs still unhatched).  PGC will band the chick(s) in 18 to 22 days.  Peregrine monitor John English is looking forward to a Fledge Watch in mid July.

(photo of Hays Eagle Watch site by Kate St. John, photo of Hays eaglets from the PixController Hays eaglecam)

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6 Responses to “Fledge Watch Opportunities This Weekend”

  1. Chris Weberon 13 Jun 2014 at 9:42 am

    Suggestions on where to park to see the Hays eaglets? I assume paying to park at Sandcastle is the easiest/most practical?
    PS — Kate: FYI … I saw a pair of Scarlet Tanagers in the woods near my apartment in Bethel Park a couple weeks ago. What a sight! Thanks again for all you do and share.

  2. Kate St. Johnon 13 Jun 2014 at 9:46 am

    Chris, there’s a very small parking lot on the map where the walking directions begin — before the first RR tracks on overhead bridge. It is very small. Sandcastle is the closest & easiest.

  3. Kate St. Johnon 13 Jun 2014 at 11:04 am

    Maps to the Hays Eagle Watch: also click on Bob Mulvihill’s name in the blog text for his map with more instructions. He has obtained permission at a free parking lot you can use on WEEKENDS ONLY.

  4. John Englishon 13 Jun 2014 at 11:26 am

    Looking at some time around July 18th for fledge watch at Westinghouse. Will keep everyone informed 🙂

  5. Shannonon 13 Jun 2014 at 3:10 pm

    I believe Bob is set to be at the Hays site on Sunday. I’m sure lots of people will be around both days.

  6. Kate St. Johnon 13 Jun 2014 at 3:22 pm

    Aaaacccckkk! Typo!! Thank you, Shannon! Yes, Bob will be at the Eagle Watch on SUNDAY.

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