Jul 13 2014

Hover Flies Up Close

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Hover flies mating, Custards Marsh (photo by Shawn Collins)

Here’s a beautiful close-up of two hover flies mating on a chicory flower, taken by Shawn Collins with his macro lens.

Who knew that the female is larger than the male? That their eyes are different colors? That they have knobs on their heads … Are those antennae?

Awesome photo!


Click here to browse Shawn’s photostream on Flickr.

p.s. Oh no!  Yesterday Shawn’s Canon T3i died on an Err 30 while shooting marbled godwits and willets at Conneaut Harbor, Ohio.  Bad break!  He’ll be camera-less until next Saturday.  🙁

(photo by Shawn Collins)

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  1. carol kyrimeson 13 Jul 2014 at 8:35 am

    This is a absolutely wonderful and informative picture.

  2. Doug & Judi Cunzoloon 13 Jul 2014 at 9:23 am

    Wonderful photo by Shawn, thanks for sharing. Terrible news about his camera. I’m going on vacation and won’t be taking my Canon D-7 with me . If he would like to borrow it , I would be happy to lend it to him for a while. It seems all great happenings come by when you are without your camera. I’m leaving this afternoon for three weeks. DOUG

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