Mar 14 2014

Tips for Viewing the Falconcams

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Spring 2014:  Nestcam streaming of the Pittsburgh Hays eaglecam and the Pitt and Gulf falconcams is provided this spring by

Last fall WildEarth implemented a new video player at  that works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.   If your computer is having trouble viewing the Pittsburgh Hays eaglecam and the Pitt and Gulf falconcams:

Note that the cams are visible on iPhones but not on Android as of 14 March 2014. (Also see the comment below from 2015.)


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  1. John Thomsonon 11 May 2015 at 9:22 pm

    Hi Kate,
    Thanks for all the interesting information on the birds and nature.
    You probably know that WildEarth dropped their beta site so us Android people have had problems but Jellybean and Lollipop versions of Android w/new enough version of Adobe Flash Player to allow viewing of the web cams but the viewing of Videomarks sometimes is blocked. Older versions of Android operating system don’t open up the Wildearth web cams and to install newer versions of Adobe Flash player onto older Android platforms requires some “work around” software. Need some tech support/search to make it happen.

    This message was put up on WildEarths web site last November/December.
    Beta subdomain to be taken offline subdomain to be discontinued
    read more
    4 months ago”

    Best Regards

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