Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner

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Pigeons are the peregrines’ favorite food so this activity at the Pitt peregrine nest made me laugh out loud.  What the heck is this pigeon doing in the nest of his mortal enemies?

Pigeons nest on cliffs just like peregrines so they’re used to having predators nearby but this is way too close.  I’ve never seen a live pigeon in the peregrines’ nest, so what’s up?

I have a theory.

Last year the University of Pittsburgh cleaned the Cathedral of Learning and found pigeon nests in every nook and cranny.  When the cleaning was finished they pigeon-proofed the building with netting and spikes.  This spring the pigeons have far fewer places to nest so this pair is desperate enough to try the beautiful nest provided for the peregrines.

The pigeon and his lady check out the area and leave abruptly when…


(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at University of Pittsburgh. Click on any image to see the slideshow in its own lightbox.)

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  1. Excellent! I laughed out loud. Great blog, too. I have added it to the list of “must visit” web resources for our Pennsylvania Songbirds Teacher Workshop.

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