Woolly Bear Time or What to look for in October

Isabella Tiger Moth life phases (slide by Chuck Tague)

30 September 2009

Today Chuck Tague reminded me it’s time for an October phenology report.  Yikes!  I wrote September’s “What to Look For” only three days ago and included some early October predictions.  Is there any more to say?

I read Chuck’s list and right off the bat his is better than mine.  Did you know that October is a good month to find Woolly Bear caterpillars?  Did you know the Woolly Bear is the larva of the Isabella Tiger Moth?  I didn’t.

So rather than bore you with my own paltry list I urge you to read Chuck’s at Asters, Woolly Bears and Sweaters: A phenological perspective for October.


p.s.  News!  Three (or more) of Chuck Tague’s bird photos will be part of the OnQ show I blogged about yesterday.  Watch for his scarlet tanager, indigo bunting and mourning dove in the Birding for Everyone segment on Monday, 5 October 2009 at 7:30pm on WQED.

(Wooly Bear composite photo by Chuck Tague)

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