Say it ain’t so!

Snow in Pittsburgh, 8:00am, Feb 6, 2010 (photo by Kate St. John)
The weatherman says it’s going to snow 6 to 10 more inches in the next two days with gusty winds and blowing, drifting snow.  Oh no!

Where will we put more snow?  Will the wind break the trees that survived until now?  Will the power stay on?  Will my street ever get plowed?  When will garbage collection resume?  When will the 56U bus, the one I take to work, start to run again?  Will any buses be running?  Will I be able to walk in the street to get to work without being killed?

I’m losing my resilience. 

It was pretty, but enough already!

(Snow in Greenfield, 8:00am Saturday Feb 6, 2010, photo by Kate St. John)

3 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so!

  1. Update on Friday Feb 12: Here’s what’s going on.
    We didn’t lose power through the entire storm – whew!
    Garbage collection and the 56U bus are still not running as of this morning.
    Last night the city not only plowed my street but they REMOVED the snow piles around the cars.
    I am thankful I don’t live in Baltimore where my sister-in-law says they have 50 inches … more than 4 feet!
    This morning the sun is shining and the world looks good again.

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