I found these crocuses blooming at Schenley Plaza and saw my first turkey vulture in Oakland this afternoon.  Spring is on its way!

Update, Friday morning, 5:15am:  Robins are singing in the dark outside my house.  This is new; they must have arrived overnight.

Update, Saturday morning, 9am: Grackles in my back yard, the first of 2010.

(photo by Kate St. John)

3 thoughts on “Look!

  1. If you go to Reynolds St, in Pt. Breeze, and look up the hill (We were in front of Pino’s, so looking left) there is a half-timbered house painted red and green. The yard and the adjoining yards are COVERED in a mass of purple crocuses! I have never seen so many! Look quick. I fear the predicted rain will ruin the sight. My daffodils are sprouting. Spring is coming! Darn groundhog! Anne

  2. I saw a couple of robins in my yard last month, during the *blizzard*. They were looking mighty confused!

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