Misty morning coots

American Coots on a misty morning, Moraine State Park (photo by Brian Herman)
This was the month that broke winter’s grip.

In early March the lakes were ice-covered, no water birds at all. 

A week later, open water.  The tundra swans passed through.

Mid March, ice free.  Huge flocks of ducks stopped over on their way to Canada’s lakes and bogs.

Now the ice is just a distant memory.  The long range migrants are nearly gone and in the misty mornings coots splash and feed.

March goes out like a lamb.

(photo by Brian Herman)

2 thoughts on “Misty morning coots

  1. oh! This is just beautiful! I need to get OUT! I’ve been so consumed with my Master’s that I rely on the cams for my Nature fix and enough is enough!!
    This picture does me in. I’m getting out to the woods today!! 🙂

    Just so beautiful!

  2. Wow, this is a fantastic capture.
    I love the water pushed back by their feet as they try to take flight.
    Such a wonderful mood created by the orange tones in the image.

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