An April Hike

Last year, WQED’s Web Department made three videos for me to post on my blog:  An April Hike at Raccoon Creek State Park, the Pitt Peregrine Fledge Watch, and a third (not yet edited) film of Marcy Cunkelman’s garden in August.

Though it was filmed last year on April 23, the Web Department had to wait until their summer intern, Christa Majoras, was available to edit it.  Christa did a fine job and completed the video in July, but by then these scenes of April were out of season so I saved the video for this week.

My plan was to show you a preview of flowers-to-come but life is full of twists and turns.  Who could imagine we’d have a spring so warm that the plants would be two to three weeks ahead of schedule?  This video is again out of season — late by two weeks.

Use your imagination as you watch.  Go back in time to March 31 and remember what the landscape looked like.  Or watch this video for signs of just how far ahead this spring is compared to April 2009.

Sit back and enjoy An April Hike.

(video filmed by Joan Guerin, edited by Christa Majoras)


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5 thoughts on “An April Hike

  1. Kate, you are SO right about everything being early! The video is still interesting and informative though.

    That is a neat idea about the exclosure! I bet there is a lot more growing inside it than outside, where the deer will eat anything edible.

    The deer love to walk through my perennial flower bed (where I will also have annuals later) and eat the yummy stuff! At least I have lots of daffodils, since they don’t bother them.

    No tulips here though, since they are deer candy….

  2. Know they are a lot of work, but would love to see more of these wonderful videos, Kate. Compliments to you and all involved.

  3. Thanks Kate for the video. The Wildflower Reserve is one of my favorite places to hike for the birds and the wildflowers.

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