5 thoughts on “Penguins in 360 degrees

  1. This is SO cool! When it runs for a minute and I move it around, does that mean that the penguins see the camera moving, which is why they chirr at it? It is nice to have sound. The penguins seem really curious about the camera.

    It is also great to be able to see what the rest of their home looks like. The live cam is fun too (http://www.wildearth.tv/nav-penguin-01), but only has a view of one area. (which is fine)

    If several people want to move the camera at the same time, is there a waiting list of some sort?

    Is the camera live? (Just want to be sure) If so, when I did this at 7:00 A.M on a Tuesday, there were LOTS of people there! 🙂

  2. The video is actually a pre-recorded segment done with a special camera that sees 360 degrees — and up & down — all at the same time. I don’t know how they produce the video so you can see everything by dragging your mouse.
    Last year (or maybe 2 years ago, I lose track) the P-G took still photos of Rick Sebak’s office using this camera. It was very cool to look around his office using your mouse. His office is packed with nostalgia so you can imagine there was a lot to see!

  3. After watching it a few times and moving the camera around, then seeing the same people there each time, I started to think that maybe it WAS pre-recorded. Nonetheless, it is STILL way cool!

    Then I also remembered that the Aviary isn’t even open that early in the morning! Duh!

  4. Just clicked on the link (Monday, March 7) to show a colleague. The video has changed to a view of Schwartz Market. Anyone know if there is a link to the penguins?

  5. Oh my! I thought it would be put in the “prior videos” list when it was superceded. I emailed the photographer. Maybe he knows where it went.

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