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OK, I’ll admit it.  This blog is “All Peregrines, All the Time” — at least for now.

Dorothy and E2’s eggs may hatch today at the Cathedral of Learning.  Last night we heard “cheeping” and egg-hammering noises on the video!   An egg-hammering noise sounds like the tap of a spoon on a hard-boiled egg.

How will you know a chick has hatched?  When you see an egg that’s not underneath the mother bird, it’s an empty shell that she’s discarded to get it away from the newly hatched chick.  (If she puts the egg back under her it’s still an egg.)

At Gulf Tower, where the eggs are about four days behind Dorothy’s, I noticed something interesting. 

When Dori laid her eggs they were in a scrape on the left (March 26).

Now they’re on the right (April 20).

I wonder if her puttering on April 4 was the beginning of the idea.  When did she move them?  Did any of you see it happen?

Meanwhile, stay tuned for breaking news (pun intended!) at Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning nest and at the Gulf Tower.

(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at the Gulf Tower, Pittsburgh)

7 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Dorothy had us all fooled last night, when one egg was next to her instead of under with the others. Eventually, she pulled it back under. This is so exciting!

  2. “breaking news” – groooooaaannnn. (but I laughed :-)) I wish there were video of her making the move. Are there actually two scrapes? Or has it become a trench? Did she roll them all at once? One at a time? Has it been a slow roll them a smidge everyday?

    I like the trench idea. Dori is a big girl, and a large “house” suits her. She was planning it all along I bet.

  3. exciting stuff right this minute (12:54). An egg was hatching at C 0f L — Dorothy screeched, papa came, and they are fussing with it.

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