Now There Are Three…Soon To Be Four

Three chicks have hatched at the Gulf Tower and, as you can see by the cracked egg at this morning’s feeding, the fourth is about to come out of his shell.

p.s. The image is black-and-white because there’s not enough light for the camera to show color.  Dark clouds are blowing by, stormy weather today.

(photo from the National Aviary falconcam at the Gulf Tower)

7 thoughts on “Now There Are Three…Soon To Be Four

  1. Swedish hymn:
    Oh, let me nestle near thee, within thy downy breast.
    Where I will find sweet comfort & peace within thy nest.
    Oh close thy wings around me & keep me safely there.
    For I am but a newborn & I need thy tender care.

    keeps running through my head when these moms tuck their chicks…….

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