Two Mornings of a Fawn

May 21, 2011:

On Friday Jennie Barker, who lives in the north suburbs of Pittsburgh, sent a series of photos with the subject line, “Why I didn’t cut the grass yesterday.”

Here’s the story in her own words:

I had finished the front yard and moved to the back, when I found a fawn.

We keep a wire fence around a young dogwood to keep the deer from eating it. Last year, a rabbit made a nest within the fence, but crows took all the young. This year, we put bird netting across the top of the fence to protect the rabbits. As I took this photo, a rabbit stood nearby, looking at the intruder in its spot.

So this is why I stopped cutting the grass and put the lawn mower away.

This morning, the fawn is gone, leaving behind only a depression in the grass.

Later …

I didn’t finish today either.  After sending the pictures of the fawn under the dogwood, I fired up the lawnmower and headed to the back yard, only to come across . . .  (the brown spot at the edge of the mulch)

(just a little brown lump)

(Here it is up close.)

Jenny decided to do the best she could.

I left a 10-12 foot area unmowed so as not to scare it. A doe watched me from the cover of a large bush as I worked.  I was out of sight of the fawn briefly, and when I returned, it was gone. It is probably tucked away in another safe spot in the yard – there are plenty.  For now, my yard work is done.

Two mornings of a fawn in Jennie Barker’s backyard.


(photos and story by Jennie Barker)

6 thoughts on “Two Mornings of a Fawn

  1. Such a wonderful picture & story for a bright (maybe no rain!!!!?? today) sunshiny day. So glad you took time out from the “mowing” to share with us.

  2. So glad my camera was charged up and ready to go. It was one of those moments that stops you in your tracks and puts everything in perspective.

  3. What a way to start my day with this wonderful, sweet story. I was *really* happy when you mentioned the doe. I was worried something had happened to her. Seeing that two days in a row….such a gift. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. What fantastic pictures and the story is great! With some luck, perhaps mom will realize you are not a threat and may stop by now and then to graze. You could watch the little one grow up all summer then!

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