More Peregrine Close-ups

A week ago Nancy Weixel was lucky to see three young peregrines lounging on a ledge at the Cathedral of Learning.  She just happened to have her camera.   Here’s what she saw.

“Yellow” (female) standing next to “Red” (male).

“Red” is stepping out.

Begging.. though we can’t hear her.

What do you think?  Was Nancy lucky?

(photos by Nancy Weixel)

17 thoughts on “More Peregrine Close-ups

  1. Oh my goodness!! Is it just me or does the male look like he’s saying .. “Go ahead … make my day” Or maybe “I disapprove of this picture taking” 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I went by Saturday evening and somebody (couldn’t tell if it was a kid or an adult) was hanging out on Heinz Chapel’s steeple. I thought of stopping to take pix but right that minute a wedding party emerged — and I didn’t want to disturb them!

    “Oh, no, I’m not paying any attention to YOU, I’m looking at the bird up there!”

  3. Nancy was maybe lucky & maybe destiny put her there for all of us who could not show the live moment. Thank goodness we live in times when we have all this gadgetry to enjoy the moment with her and in turn her taking the time to make sure we could see what she saw. Thanks Nancy and Kate, boy sure beats a cool Monday blues.

  4. Magnificent shots!!! Thanks, Nancy and Kate. I’ve been having computer problems all morning, so when I finally got to see these pictures, they made my day! So many thanks again.

  5. I’ve often wondered if falcons have better vision from the front or side. Or, are they looking at you when they are “facing” you or when “siding” you? Anyone? Anyone?

  6. Wonderful photos !! More and more sites for peregrines seem to be popping up. Just read about a couple of sites in Ann Arbor, MI and they had three hatchlings this year.

  7. Kate:

    I haven’t seen it, but I hear there is a peregrine nest in the Bell Tower at East Liberty Presbyterian now.

    Best to you and Rick,
    Paul Outon

  8. Dare I say that they look cuddly? Such sweet, curious faces. Okay, I anthropomorphize, but they really strike me as adorable. Terrific photos. They really capture the birds’ youth.

  9. What a treasure. Peregrines have such special expressions. Wish they could talk our language. Lovely job!

  10. Thank you Nancy and Kate. I love the sense of having a “bird’s eye view” that the pics give. –Patty

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