Winter’s Coming

Welcome to October.

What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday’s high in Pittsburgh was nearly 60oF with a strong wind from the southwest but today it will be in the 40’s, the low in the upper 30’s, winds from the north and rain.  The next good flying weather for migrating birds won’t be until Tuesday.

Meanwhile, if you watch your bird feeders you’re sure to see hungry squirrels.  This weather reminds them they don’t have much time left to store food for the winter.

Look closely at your squirrels and you’ll see their fur is changing from brown to gray so they’ll be camouflaged in the snow.  Their tails change first, as you can see on this squirrel posing near Marcy Cunkelman’s feeder.

Posing? Hah! He’s waiting for her to stop looking at him so he can pounce on the peanuts.

(photo by Marcy Cunkelman)

1 thought on “Winter’s Coming

  1. Kate … Apparently this has been a real “eating Year” for the squirrels. They’ve gourged the bird feeders all summer long. I used to have several Carolina Wrens that hit the feeders all year long, but they won’t even come near either of my feeders because of the feisty squirrels. I’d love to share a couple of photos of my “furry tailed” birds. How do I do that? Lynne

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