Last weekend our friend Eve Beglarian visited us with Mary Rowell on their way west to share music and reconnect with some of the places and people they met two years ago.

Eve is a musician and composer who, in 2009, made a river journey down the Mississippi by kayak, bicycle and car, gathering images, sounds and experiences to compose music evocative of the river and its communities.  During parts of the journey Mary accompanied her and they switched off kayaking.  One would paddle all day while the other drove ahead to the next landing.

By mid-October they were between St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.

On 16 October 2009 the weather was gray with heavy clouds when Eve saw a large flock of birds wheeling and turning in the distance.   The birds, and her conversation with a man named Paul in Cape Girardeau, inspired the music that accompanies this video.

The more I watch In and Out of the Game, the more fond of it I become.

Yes, the birds are there.  Wait for them.

(music and video by Eve Beglarian)

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