Last month Cris Hamilton visited Conneaut Harbor, Ohio to photograph visiting gulls and terns at the Lake Erie shore.

While there she saw two immature bald eagles chasing each other.  One had a fish.  The other wanted it.


I wonder if the fish fell in the lake and survived this ordeal.

Click on Cris’ photo to see her Conneaut Harbor album.

(photo by Cris Hamilton)

1 thought on “Ooops!

  1. Kate….we have a cottage on Lake Erie 5 miles east of Conneaut Harbor and I believe I reconize those eagles. LOL It’s amazing how many eagles we’ll see and it’s every weekend we’re up there. I know where their parents favorite tree is. Last fall on Oct. 9th I saw a golden eagle and a bald eagle on the same branch and a crow giving both of them the business. I consider that area an eagle hot spot. I feel so lucky to see these birds and all the other birds every weekend.

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