Massive Canada Goose Migration, 27 Feb 2012

From PABIRDS, Wed Feb 29, 2012

Hi All,
With all the reports of waterfowl migration I thought some of you might be interested in the report below from a York Co friend.
Ann Bodling,  Accokeek, MD

“At about Ithaca (Cornell) the major river flyways converge – Delaware River groups have already merged with Susquehanna River groups, who have already merged with the Potomac groups and they merge further with the Mohawk and Hudson groups. They take this enormous sweep to the northwest and so folks in NY state and Ontario have seen the most amazing show. They arc across Canada once clear of the the Great Lakes.

I heard from my cousin Steve in Ottawa that city streets came to a halt Monday and yesterday as these enormous flocks actually dimmed the sun! People got off buses and out of their cars to watch. Ornithologists are remarking that this may be the largest single mass migration in the last 150 years. The storm front has certainly helped – these birds are making incredible time riding the currents north so may have left all at once to catch the front rather than fly in staggered waves over weeks.”

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