Snowy Owl in Warm Weather

We’ve had unseasonably warm weather but it hasn’t prevented a snowy owl from visiting just south of Worthington along SR 3011 in Armstrong County.

First reported by Mark McConaughy on March 14, birders flocked to see the owl who quickly became one of the most photographed birds in western Pennsylvania.

Of the many beautiful photos I couldn’t resist posting Shawn Collin’s picture of the owl yawning from a porch roof yesterday.

Is the heat making the owl sleepy?  Or is he just bored with all this attention?

(photo by Shawn Collins)

9 thoughts on “Snowy Owl in Warm Weather

  1. Thanks. I was just watching Dorothy. I thought for sure an egg was on its way. It was Dorothy and not E2 I hope.

  2. Does look like it’s bored, doesn’t it? Funny, Kate. Amazing how far it can rotate it’s head, too. We think it was kind of panting for a few days now and then. Today we spied a pellet (same one I guess Shannon Thompson saw) on the roof of that little house it likes so much. It even looked like it was checking it out itself. I really hope it goes home (north) soon as 2 men today said it appears to be a young male that can’t get the motivation to leave since there is so much food in that area but it needs to leave soon. There were about 100+ people between noon and 5 today and they were still coming when I left. Another birder was staying another hour and he’s still counting.

  3. Yesterday I took my mom and we went to see our visitor to Worthington. And I will tell you he is one of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen. I always take one day out of any vacation or trip to birdwatch. What a gift in our own back yard. He is just beautiful. Even mom was amazed and she isn’t crazy about any animal.

  4. Snowy owls prefer the Arctic but they can live elsewhere during the Arctic winter. The snowy owl pictured above left for the north around March 25.

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