On a recent walk in the park I paused to look and listen for birds.  Instead of birdsong I heard rough scrabbling above me.

As I turned to look, the scrabbling stopped.


A squirrel lost his grip and fell straight down out of the tree. He landed flat on his belly and lay there blinking.

A second squirrel peered down from above.

Blink. Blink.

Game over! Lucky for him I wasn’t a red-tailed hawk.

He picked himself up and slowly climbed the tree. Huff. Huff.

And they resumed the chase, leaping from branch to branch.


(photo by Jeff Buck on Wikimedia Commons.  Click on the photo to see the original)

1 thought on “Wham!

  1. That has happend to both me and my son on two separate times while walking our dog around the block. It’s always shocking to see them shake themselves awake and move on like nothing happened.

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