Reluctant Changing of the Guard

As usual, E2 incubated the eggs yesterday afternoon while Dorothy took a break at the Cathedral of Learning.   After she finished her snack she came back to take over incubation duties, but he was reluctant to leave.

She arrived at 3:18pm and asked him to get up, but E2 just looked at her and stayed put.   Thirty minutes later Dorothy was still asking and it was starting to get funny.  I got emails from Karen Lang and Rob Protz urging me to drop what I was doing and start watching.

By 3:55pm Dorothy’s frustration was quite apparent.

“Get up!  It’s my turn.”

Finally at 4:00pm E2 reluctantly allowed a changing of the guard.

Watch a slideshow of their interaction and the measures Dorothy had to take to get him off the nest.

(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at University of Pittsburgh)

p.s. The webcam has some spots on its weather-proof cover so E2’s face is sometimes obscured, as in the photo above.

5 thoughts on “Reluctant Changing of the Guard

  1. LOL….picture 18 just says it all about her frustration. I also watch the Harrisburg falcons NG & Lil Dad and Lil Dad is the same way. They love those eggs so much and have to steal time whenever they can. Can’t stop laughing….it’s going to be a good Friday.

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