Third Adult Peregrine Annoying Dorothy and E2

Today on the falconcam you’ve seen Dorothy and E2 away from the nest quite a bit.  They’re able to leave the chicks because the nest is warm enough that the chicks are OK without brooding. 

Meanwhile Dorothy and E2 have been off camera because they’re busy defending their territory.  Today at 1:30pm Karen Lang and I saw E2 attack a third adult peregrine approaching from the south.   Dorothy had already come back to the Cathedral of Learning with two primary feathers askew on her right wing as if something had hit her.  Was that evidence the third adult (intruder?) had hit her?  We don’t know.  

E2 chased the third adult away past Flagstaff Hill while Dorothy circled above Frick Fine Arts.  Both of them are still vigilant, gazing toward the south.

5 thoughts on “Third Adult Peregrine Annoying Dorothy and E2

  1. Oh my! Keep the drama in Rochester, please. We’ve had enough between Gulf Tower and an unhatched egg at Pitt. I’ll be in that area tomorrow. If there are any parking spaces at the Plaza, I might stop for a look-around.

  2. I was driving up Glass Run Road yesterday and noticed a huge feather being tossed about as the cars passed. I retrieved it, and have identified it as belonging to a falcon! It’s really cool.

  3. Message to Carol:

    Posession of that feather you found yesterday is technically illegal! Especially if it is a falcon feather. Don’t mount it and display it!


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