He’s Back!

It’s “All Peregrines, All the Time” now that the nestlings are having adventures.

This morning at 6:58am our Interpid Explorer Chick appeared topside again.  The lure of food was just too much to keep him down.  His brothers were having a noisy breakfast and he was determined not to miss it.

While Momma’s back was turned he jumped up to the nestrail and shrieked for food even louder than his brothers.   He was so hungry that he rushed to the back of the nest and ate two scraps before he moved front and center to get his share.  See him on the video archive here on YouTube.

Now that he’s back I’m sure he has tales to tell.  On Sunday, about an hour after he fell into the gully he was seen on camera below the nest.

While there he explored all the corners of the spacious floor and ate all the scraps of food.  By this morning he was probably out of scraps and had had enough.

Ta dah!  I’m back!  Now feed me!

Good boy.

(photos from the National Aviary falconcam at the University of Pittsburgh, video from WildEarth.tv (Can anyone tell me how to link directly to this specific hotspot at WildEarth?))

9 thoughts on “He’s Back!

  1. So glad he found his way back – soon they will all be wandering! Such a cute photo of him under the nest 🙂

    We used to be able to send direct links to hotspots on WildEarth, but it looks like that option is no longer available 🙁

  2. Just walked past the CL and saw E2 perched on the roof peak watching the nest while Dorothy is perched on the nest roof. They are watching closely to make sure the 3 boys don’t get into trouble.

  3. In Pennsylvania peregrine chicks are not named when banded. Sometimes I give a chick a nickname when he does something memorable but the one who fell in the gully on Sunday never revealed his bands so there’s no way I could know which one he was. For now, none of them have names.

    Downtown: I believe those chicks are approximately the same age as the Pitt chicks and that they are doing well. I drove by downtown on Sat and Sun and saw Dori on her favorite perch.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news. So cute to watch the video and ta da, there he is. Thanks so much for sharing Kate. 🙂

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