Family Portrait in Rochester

DotCa and Beauty get close to baby, June 2012 (photo from Rfalconcam)

27 June 2012

While Pittsburgh’s peregrine families are teaching their “teenagers” to hunt, Beauty and DotCa in Rochester, New York have a one-week-old chick.

Baby is an only child so he gets lots of attention from his parents.  Here Dad (foreground) and Mom come close.

Watch them “live” on the streaming RFalconcam.

(photo from Rfalconcam)

(*) This family has a Pittsburgh connection. Beauty is Dorothy’s daughter, born at the Cathedral of Learning nest in 2007.

2 thoughts on “Family Portrait in Rochester

  1. Now that the Pitt peregrines are nearly grown and camera shy (lol), it’s exciting to watch a new chick start on its life’s journey. Thanks, Kate, so much for the link to the site in Rochester where I can watch Dorothy’s daughter, Beauty, and her mate, DotCa, raise their only child which is getting tons of attention and lots of food. Up close and personal pictures have been terrific. It’s too bad that only one egg hatched, but one is way better than none! Thanks again.

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