4 thoughts on “Virgin’s Bower

  1. I am looking for plants of these….I used to have them at our old place and loved them. Do they transplant very easy? I know where they would get cut down so I didn’t know if they would grow easily by seed or if transplanting is the best.

    1. Good question… but I don’t know the answer. I hope another reader knows & leaves a comment.

  2. According to “Handbook of Wildflower Cultivation” by Kathryn Taylor

    Propagation can be done three ways: by seeds sown in the spring or fall, first removing the plumes; by layering the long stems; by transplanting in spring.

    It prefers a moderately acidic soil.

  3. I planted the seeds that were attached to the dandylion like fluff, as soon as I saw others floating around (September). Plant the seeds directly where you wish them to grow…
    The first year they were small 8 inch tall plants…the second year (this year) they grew like crazy! It is a huge vine, so give it something big to grow on, or a big arbor!! It is very similar to sweet autumn clematis..(it’s relative), but the leaves and flowers are much larger. It is a great plant!…Chad

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