Totally Off Topic

This post is totally off topic — not about birds or nature — but it’s so funny that I laughed and laughed.

I have a cat and I have a computer.  Thus far I have avoided acquainting my cat with the printer.  The video shows why.


(video by gamook19 on YouTube)

5 thoughts on “Totally Off Topic

  1. Oh, my. The fluffed out tails, the wonder and disbelief, the attack mode. Starting the day with a laugh is good for the heart. Thanks, Kate!

  2. These videos bring back fond memories of a cat I had who liked to pull in the mail from the mail slot in our front door. The mail carrier thought it was a child, and got a big surprise when she stuck her fingers into the slot 🙂

  3. Ah yes ….. my cats also like to save me from the “Killer Paper” … after the paper is destroyed they walk away with a tail flick like they did a good thing 🙂

  4. Oh, that’s an electric boogie cat!
    It moves just like hundreds of young dancers want to!
    Very funny, loved it =)

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