4 thoughts on “Ravens Have Another Idea

  1. I know they are also tool users / makers. I wonder if there are any accounts of them working together toward a goal? E.G. – ganging up on an eagle. Both crows and ravens are really smart cookies. They can even learn to “talk”

  2. We have Ravens here love to “call them in” with my Raven Call…I wasn’t expecting the fish, but thought it would eat the worm…so the smart Raven catches the fish before the fisherman…surprised it UNHOOKED the fish too…that stick sure didn’t look heavy enough for a big fish…

  3. The “ice-fishing” Common Raven is using a technique that Bernd Heinrich, probably the world’s foremost expert on the species, experimented with using naive ravens in a famous string-pulling test.

  4. After all my Canadian Expeditions,and watching Ravens, Nothing surprises me re: their capabilities (and nerve).No wonder they are my favorite bird.

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