Clash Of The Titans!

Red-tailed hawk vs. Bald Eagle, Harmar Twp, PA, 17 Mar 2013 (photo by Steve Gosser)

19 March 2013

As I mentioned a week ago, a pair of bald eagles took over a red-tailed hawks’ nest in Harmar Township early this month.  Problem is, the hawks were still building the nest and they weren’t going to give it up easily.

Last week after continuous red-tail dive-bombing and harassment the eagles relinquished the nest to the hawks.  There was a brief period of calm, then the eagles fought back.

On Sunday Steve Gosser captured their battle and posted it on Facebook’s Bald Eagles in Western Pennsylvania page.  In a few hours his photo was shared more than 460 times.

Battle of the air!  Clash of the Titans!

Who will win?

(photo by Steve Gosser)

Update in March 2020: The bald eagles won.

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