Raccoons Getting Active

After a quiet winter this week’s warm weather has brought out the raccoons.

On Monday I heard a strange noise above my head in Schenley Park.  Two raccoons were arguing high in a tree.

Then late at night I heard the scratchy sound of raccoons disagreeing in my back yard.  Safe indoors, my cat looked in the direction of the sound but was unimpressed.

Fortunately we don’t have a cat door or we might have had a visitor like the one in this video… !


(video from YourDailyFunny on YouTube)

2 thoughts on “Raccoons Getting Active

  1. I volunteer at a wildlife rehab center. The first time I had to clean out a pen full of juvenile raccoons, I was going about my business, and was suddenly startled when I felt something behind me. One of the rascals was emptying my pockets!

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