Meanwhile at Pitt

Baby on the nestrail, 30 May 2013 (photo by Peter Bell)

The Downtown peregrines kept the PA Game Commission busy all day Thursday.  Meanwhile at Pitt…

During Fledge Watch yesterday Baby made it up to the big nest rail (bulwark) for the first time.  This is the launch zone, the place where the chicks run and exercise their wings, the last stopping point before first flight.

Typically the peregrine chicks practice on the nestrail for a day or two before they fly for the first time, but who knows with Baby.  He still has downy white feathers on his legs and he looks clumsy in this photo, but he’s also very curious and ready for new adventures.  I’m sure he’ll fly early.  I don’t think he’ll wait until June 3!

Come on down to Fledge Watch and see.  Click here and scroll down for the schedule.  If bad weather forces a cancellation — which it might this weekend –I’ll post it at that link.


photo by Peter Bell)

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile at Pitt

  1. You are referring to him as Baby. But the writer above called him Solo. Is his name Solo? If it is, that’s a great name and so fitting. I haven’t been able to keep up with every one of your posts, so if I missed something and am actually asking a dumb question, I apologize.

    1. Not a dumb question. Ally wants to call him Solo but he doesn’t have a name. Peregrines are not named when banded in Pennsylvania. I use “Baby” because it is hard to constantly write, “the peregrine chick at Pitt.”
      Here is the policy/history on naming:

      And from another perspective… Names are really for our own convenience. Dorothy & E2 have given him his real name but they will never tell us what it is.

  2. I was at Pitt for the banding of this little guy and hope to time it right to see him go. I have been to see the Hays eagles twice now. I was curious to know if you are involved with the eagles at all? Yesterday I got a very close encounter with one of the eagle parents on the trail. I think there are too many people down there at times and fear that they may abandon the nest. What are your thoughts if any?

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