6 thoughts on “Giant Duck This Friday!

  1. Kate, I keep hearing where it will be at 5:30 pm on Friday but I would like to photograph it actually moving on the river. I’ve been unable to find out if it will be inflated at the Roberto Clemente Bridge or inflated elsewhere and then moved to the bridge. Any ideas? Tks! Donna

    1. Donna, I too would like to know its path — but I don’t. It is being assembled here in Pittsburgh and they had to inflate it to see if it was working correctly. Am not sure but it *might* be across the Ohio at the old ice cream factory site (kind of close to the Ft Pitt Bridge).
      Since it will dock on the PNC Park side of the river I imagine that anywhere over there would be good… but who knows? This is like actual bird watching in which you know the location (ex: Pine Tree Trail) but not the tree and not the flight path of your target bird.

  2. My office looks out onto the Allegheny just below the Clemente Bridge, so I’ll get to watch the duck float by. It will probably mean nothing else will get done on Friday, but that’s okay 🙂

  3. Except this bird will be much easier to see than when you’re looking for them in the woods 🙂

    My adult daughter has a rubber duck collection (as did my father-in-law) and she is off work Saturday, so I think we’ll be heading downtown to see it (after I’m done leading a Botanical Society walk in Boyce Mayview park….early afternoon, I hope).

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