Emerald View BioBlitz, June 6-7

Emerald View Bio Blitz (logo modified from Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation)Come One, Come All!   Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy are teaming up on Friday and Saturday June 6-7 for a BioBlitz in Pittsburgh’s newest regional park: Emerald View.

What? A BioBlitz is a 24-hour event where teams of volunteer scientists, nature observers, families and community members find and identify as many species of plants, animals, insects, fungi and organisms as possible.

Where?  Located on Mount Washington, Emerald View Park forms a ring of trails through some of the City’s most scenic green space.  BioBlitz headquarters are at Olympia Park’s entrance, Virginia Ave. & Hallock Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15211.   Click here for a map of the entire park.

When?  Friday Owl Calling Hike, 6-9pm.   Saturday Bird Count, 6-10 am.  Saturday BioBlitz Main Event, including plant & animal inventory, nature games, crafts, hikes, 10am-2pm.  Click here for more information.

Help Wanted!  All hands on deck!  Sign up online here, or call Kathryn Hunninen at 412-481-3220 x200, or email her at kathryn@mwcdc.org

I’ll be “BioBlitz birding” on Saturday morning.

Hope to see you there!

(logo, with “BioBlitz” added, from Mt. Washington CDC website)

3 thoughts on “Emerald View BioBlitz, June 6-7

  1. Sounds really neat. Always wanted to check out Point overlooks. I clicked on your ” Click here” map of the entire park and got a blank white screen. I went to the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation which you link to on your 2nd “Click here” and I clicked on there link to the Map of the Park and also got a blank white screen? It may be my Sony/Google Internet TV Box quirk that I have hooked up to my Comcast box and TV use as a monitor to surf the web. It has a bunch. I will search Google. I am sorry won’t be able to make it but I would enjoy a slide show/video/report. Does the Nature Conservancy publish a report every year of this event and compare/analyse the results? How do you get that “Clink here” function for your blog. Is that a feature of the program you have for your blog software?

  2. I was able to view Emerald Park Trails Map link on MWCDC web site. I have live around Pittsburgh for about 34 years and I have never heard of Emerald View Park until now. Thanks Kate.

  3. Hi John,

    Thank you for your interest in Emerald View Park! It is exciting to share the park with long-time residents who haven’t heard of it.

    The event was a major hit! Some of the coverage can be seen here: http://triblive.com/news/allegheny/6240834-74/washington-samples-bioblitz#axzz348spgEBl

    Since the BioBlitz was a new event, there hasn’t been an opportunity to compare it to another on the Mount. Overall, many samples were collected and it seems that everyone who took part in the event had a great time!

    To speak on the “Click Here” function, that has been set up through the software.

    I hope that you have now had the chance to come visit the beautiful regional park and continue to use the City’s green space.

    Mount Washington Community Development Corporation
    Events and Outreach Coordinator

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