TBT: V is for Vulture

Turkey vulture in flight (photo by Chuck Tague)

Throw Back Thursday (TBT):

Now that the Hays bald eagles have flown from the nest, many of us watch the skies for a glimpse of them.

Did you know there’s another large raptor in Pittsburgh that can fool you into thinking it’s an eagle?

Learn how to identify soaring turkey vultures.  Believe it or not they’re more common here than eagles.  Click to read: V is for Vulture.


(photo by Chuck Tague)

3 thoughts on “TBT: V is for Vulture

  1. Hello, Kate,
    I’ve been watching the peregrines (at both sites) and I saw something curious the other day. It was late-ish in the morning, about 9-9:30. Hope had been sitting on her nest, but she stood up alertly, came to the front of the ledge and stood waiting (“expectantly”). After a while she gave up and went back to the chicks. Then she did it again. When Terzo finally showed up with prey she immediately snatched it from him and began feeding the chicks. It looked like breakfast was late. “Where is he? WHERE IS HE?” Question, what would happen if he never came back? Would the female be able to raise a young brood on her own?

    1. Margaret, there many examples of the female or male peregrine raising the chicks in the absence of his/her mate.

      Hope looks up when she sees Terzo coming.

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