Natural Ice Sculptures

Icicles along the Butler-Freeport Trail near Monroe Road (photo by Kate St. John)

A week ago I found beautiful ice formations along the Butler-Freeport Trail at Monroe Road.

Water’s constant drip made a curling fountain.

And some of the icicles accumulated frosty teeth.

Frosty teeth on the icicles (photo by Kate St. John)


The weather was warming that day and part of this massive ice cliff …

Cliff lined with massive icicles (photo by Kate St. John)

… had crashed to the ground across the trail.

Icicles crashed to the ground (photo by Kate St. John)

Here’s one of the smaller chunks near my boot.  I’m glad I wasn’t there when it fell.  Watch out below!

Chunk of fallen icicle for size comparison (photo by Kate St. John)


This weekend the weather has been unseasonably warm.

I wonder what the icicles look like now.


(photos by Kate St. John — taken with my cellphone because I forgot to bring my camera)


6 thoughts on “Natural Ice Sculptures

  1. The ice formation with the frosty teeth might have a small cave behind it with moist air flowing out of it.

  2. they are still there and even more massive now with the weather we’ve had and don’t typically melt completely until spring.

  3. water in any form is so magical; especially during partial run offs creating ice shelves over creeks…

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