We Need A Makeover

Two peregrines visit the Gulf Tower nest, confirmed to be Louie and Dori, Nov 9, 2015 (photo by Ann Hohn)
Louie and Dori visit the Gulf Tower nest, 9 Nov 2015 (photo by Ann Hohn)

On Monday afternoon Ann Hohn at Make-A-Wish heard a pair of peregrine falcons conversing at the unused Gulf Tower nest.

When she looked through the blinds she found Dori gazing at the nest and Louie watching her reaction.  Ann sent me this photo and wrote:

Louie is on the far left (it’s definitely him; I saw his tags). Dori is on the right (tags are green3/top and blackM/bottom).  Chirping like crazy. That’s how I knew they were here. And then they were gone.

Here’s what Dori was looking at:  Some very healthy weeds!

Weeds at the Gulf Tower nest as of Nov 10, 2015 (photo from the National Aviary falconcam at Gulf Tower)
Weeds at the Gulf Tower nest as of Nov 10, 2015 (photo from the National Aviary falconcam at Gulf Tower)

Perhaps she was thinking, “This is OK, but it needs a makeover.”

Art McMorris, Peregrine Coordinator for the PA Game Commission, says the thriving weeds indicate the gravel isn’t draining any more and that’s bad for keeping peregrine eggs dry.  More than just weeding, the site needs new gravel.  He says the Game Commission will replace the gravel soon.



(photo by Ann Hohn)

6 thoughts on “We Need A Makeover

  1. I love watching the falcons. Dorothy was my favorite ! She showed the determination of a good mother last season !! Wasn’t a day that I didn’t check in on her. Praying that she just takes the rest of her life relaxing !!!

  2. It is wonderful to learn that Dori and Louie have been seen at Gulf Towers. Maybe a good sign that they will return next season so that we can watch them and their brood, once the nest gets a makeover. Keeping fingers crossed!

    Like Eileen, Dorothy is my favorite. Watching her over the years has given me so much pleasure and more recently some angst, but always with an appreciation of how magnificent she is. She’s one of a kind, our Dorothy!

  3. Seeing the condition of this nest is a reminder of the cost and manpower it takes to keep the nests in repair. Is the Pennsylvania Game Commission the best place to send a contribution earmarked for peregrine nest repair?

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