Evidence that crows roosted here (photo by Kate St.John)
Evidence that the crows roosted here (photo by Kate St.John)

As I mentioned on Monday, thousands of crows are back in Oakland roosting near the University of Pittsburgh.  Though the flock is spectacular they’ll soon be unwelcome.

If your neighborhood hosts a crow roost you know about the unpleasant debris left behind by these overnight visitors.  Everything is dotted with bird poop.  The sidewalks are slippery in the morning and the air smells “bird-y.”  This fallout is the #1 reason why crow roosts aren’t welcome near us.

When people have had enough, the crows must go.  The best way to move them is by persistent audio harassment.

In November 2013 the crows caused trouble night after night near the University of Pittsburgh Student Union so Maintenance set up a loud speaker that played bird distress calls and peregrine attack sounds over and over.  In five nights the crows were gone.

I have a theory that my favorite bird helped move them.  Read why at:

The Crows Moved


p.s. If the crows persist near Pitt, my hunch is that crow-scare tactics will begin by November 15.

(photo by Kate St. John)

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    1. Scott, they don’t eat in Oakland. They just sleep there. They travel up to 30 miles between day & night zones.

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