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exhausted (from
Exhausted! (from

Are you feeling exhausted this morning?

Well, it’s going to last about three days.

Last night we turned our clocks forward for Daylight Saving Time (DST).  I’m no fan of changing the clocks and complain about it in the fall but, in fact, the worst physical effects occur in the spring.

Just like plants and animals we have internal clocks that cue on daylight, so artificially “moving” sunrise and sunset and losing an hour of sleep messes up our circadian rhythm.  Studies have shown there are at least three bad effects:  There’s an increase in heart attacks during the first three days of Daylight Saving Time.  There are more road accidents on the first Monday (tomorrow).  And many people have sleep problems until their circadian clocks reset.

Everyone is grouchy, even the kids.

What would it be like if we didn’t change the clocks?  Arizona(*) and Hawaii stay on Standard Time and they aren’t suffering this morning … except for one thing.  They’re annoyed by the time zone difference.  Arizona’s clock is now three hours later than Pennsylvania’s, not two.

Don’t worry. We’ll all feel better by Friday.  Meanwhile ….

Yawwwn!  😮


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(*) The Navajo Nation within Arizona does use Daylight Saving Time.

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