Learn From Working Birds

screenshot from PlantForAbundance

On Labor Day let’s take a look at some working birds.

Chickens were first domesticated about 9,000 years ago in both China and India but the idea didn’t really take off for another 2,000 to 4,000 years. Then it spread slowly westward to Persia (Iran), Egypt, Europe and Africa.  Chickens are now the most numerous bird species on Earth because humans like to eat them and their eggs.

Because of our close relationship to chickens we tend to forget that they are birds and we can learn from their behavior.

What does a hen do when she wants to lay an egg?  This video answers the question among a flock of free range chickens.

“What is my chicken telling me?”


(video by Plant Abundance on YouTube)

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  1. Speaking of birds, of course, I wanted to share an item of local southern California news. Due to the extreme popularity of the video Hummingbird Pool Party No. 5, which you featured a few weeks ago, the co. that makes those fountains, wildwingsla.com has announced that they are so overwhelmed with orders, they can’t even wait-list people anymore. The photographer shot that in his own yard and ID’s them as Anna’s and Allen’s, and says they will soon be back to fighting at his feeders, which does sound way more like hummers.

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