A Subtle Change To The Blog

Screenshot of the new URL, 9 Sept 2017

You may not have noticed but the blog underwent a subtle change yesterday.  My address now uses https instead of plain http.

The S means that browsers now show my website with a green lock icon and the word “Secure.”  What does this mean?

https uses SSL security to encrypt data transmission so the Internet can’t intercept site logins and passwords.  SSL doesn’t mean the website can’t be hacked. It just means that hackers can’t read logins and passwords as they pass through the wires.  Your email, Facebook, Twitter, and bank accounts all use SSL because people login there.

This change doesn’t make your access to my blog more secure because you never login to see it.  I’m the only person who logs in so I’m the only one who has gained more security out of this. Unfortunately you may notice that SSL is slower so my blog may pause longer before you see it in your browser.

So why did I make the change?

I’ve wanted to secure my login for many years but I procrastinated.  Google pushed me to get it done when they sent me a message in August saying that, unless I switched to https, Chrome would show security warnings on my website beginning in October 2017.  Besides, Google gives search engine preference to https sites over plain http.

I was afraid I’d break my blog if I tried this alone.  Thankfully, Jay Volk stepped in to assist.  There are a few loose ends to tie up this weekend but most of it’s done.  Yay!

Meanwhile, re-bookmark my blog at its new address



(screenshot of birdsoutsidemywindow.org web address)

One thought on “A Subtle Change To The Blog

  1. Erf! The change to https has hidden all the embedded YouTube videos. I am manually bringing them back again. If you see a post without a visual, that’s why. Double erf!

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