Watching The Wind

Visualization of Hurricane Irma wind, 10 Sept 2017, 5am (screenshot from the "earth" wind map)
Visualization of Hurricane Irma wind, 10 Sept 2017, 5am (screenshot from the “earth” wind map)

On Friday afternoon I checked in with my brother while he and his wife prepared for Hurricane Irma at their home in Boca Raton.  Located west of I-95, his neighborhood wasn’t part of the mandatory evacuation order.  Everyone was getting ready, then they’d throw a “good luck” party Friday night and hide indoors until the storm is over — probably midday Monday.  They were all hoping that Irma would go west, and that’s what she’s doing.

Concerned for my friends and relatives in Florida I’ve been monitoring Hurricane Irma on the National Hurricane Center’s website at   My brother suggested watching the wind at and that reminded me of the similar “earth” website.

Watch the wind at these links, centered on Marco Island, Florida along the path of the storm.

Move the map around and you’ll see strong wind blowing onshore toward Georgia.  That’s why there’s a storm surge warning in Savannah.

There’s one thing these maps can’t show.  Hurricanes spawn many tornadoes but they don’t appear on the wind maps.  Right now there’s a tornado watch in Boca Raton until noon on Monday.  Yikes!


(screenshot from on 10 Sept 2017, 5am. Click on the image to see the current wind map)

UPDATE:  At 11:30pm on Sept 10, my brother reports that they are OK at home in Boca Raton.  The power went out for eight hours but came on around 11pm. They’ll go outside Monday morning to see what happened to the landscape.

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