Puzzling Peanut Feeder

Chipmunks emerged from their winter lairs last month.  Meanwhile blue jays are gathering to prepare for the breeding season.

What happens when both species encounter a peanut attached to a screw?

Let’s see …


p.s. Why does the blue jay pick up each peanut and set it down?  I learned this week that blue jays weigh the peanuts and then take the heaviest (best) one.

(video from My Backyard Birding on YouTube)

4 thoughts on “Puzzling Peanut Feeder

  1. We have fed peanuts in the shell to squirrels for a long time. We have observed that squirrels look the peanut over carefully, then bury the ones with intact shells. The cracked ones are eaten immediately. So cool that they know which will keep better!

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