Two Kinds of Spring Beauty

Carolina Spring Beauty, Core Arboretum, 8 April 2018 (photo by Kate St. John)
Carolina Spring Beauty, Core Arboretum, 8 April 2018 (photo by Kate St. John)

On Throw Back Thursday:

Last Sunday I saw Carolina spring beauties blooming at the Core Arboretum in Morgantown, West Virginia.  They reminded me of this 2011 article, Two Kinds of Spring Beauty, though I didn’t see the second kind.  (Click the link to read about both flowers.)

Flowers bloom earlier in Morgantown because it’s 60 miles south of us.  Spring moves north 13 miles a day so we should expect our spring beauties to bloom today or tomorrow. And they will because of our temporarily hot weather.

If you’re near Morgantown, the Core Arboretum offers wildflower walks on three Sundays in April every year.  The first walk was last Sunday but you still have time to join naturalists from West Virginia University at 2pm on April 15 and April 22 to see what’s blooming.  Click here for directions.


(photo by Kate St. John)

4 thoughts on “Two Kinds of Spring Beauty

  1. we attended the Core Arboretum walk yesterday 4/15 well worth the travel. Excellent guide and lovely area. Thanks for the info. about the program in advance.

  2. I visited Core on Saturday (thanks, Kate, for reminding us how much earlier their flowers are). A really good display of Virginia Bluebells, and I did see both Spring Beauty species: C. virginica near the Coliseum parking lot and C. caroliniana in the ravine on the southern edge of the arboretum.

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