Day In A Minute with the Pitt Peregrines

Today the Pitt peregrine chicks are three weeks old with feathered faces and feather tips showing on their wings and tails. When they aren’t sleeping they are very active, motoring all over the nest.

Yesterday afternoon the chicks disappeared when they laid down flat at the front left corner of the nestbox.  They were in this camera’s blind spot, but you can see them on the snapshot camera when that happens. Click here to see the current snapshot.

Pitt peregrine nest, 7 May 2018, 4:00pm (photo from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ. of Pittsburgh)
Pitt peregrine nest, 7 May 2018, 4:00pm (photo from the National Aviary snapshot camera at Univ. of Pittsburgh)

The video above compresses their day into a minute — May 7, 2018 from 8a to 8p.  You won’t see them for a bit in the afternoon but they looked like this (above) from a different angle.

Watch them “live” on the National Aviary falconcam at the Cathedral of Learning.


(video from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ. of Pittsburgh)

16 thoughts on “Day In A Minute with the Pitt Peregrines

    1. It is today. I just saw the babies being taken. Can’t wait to see how much they weigh , etc.

  1. They are so CUTE and certainly seem to be very active. It looks like they are keeping their parents busy, too! Thank you so much for capturing and sharing these once in a lifetime moments! Spring with falcon chicks is a very beautiful time of year. Thanks!

  2. Is there any news on the downtown chicks removal? Praying for a change of heart on the part of the developer

  3. Ohio has had more recovery of peregrine populations than Pennsylvania and so has more experience with urban nests. According to C & C, a facebook page devoted to Ohio’s peregrines, their bureaucratic authorities don’t always advocate stopping an active construction site during nesting, and, nor to my knowledge, consider removal. Rather than follow a hard and fast rulebook, it seems they examine the specifics on a site by site basis. Since peregrines seem to prefer the urban environment, I would suggest our authorities communicate with Ohio’s to discover new strategies that work. Take advantage of Ohio’s learning curve.

  4. The not so little ones are adorable, good job Mom and Dad. One is just screaming like Mom. Thank you so much for providing this experience. I am watching from Canada.

  5. Did something happen to one of the chicks today? I just checked the camera to watch them for a bit and noticed there is only one. Thank you for sharing so much of their lives with us!

    1. Pam, click on the link to the snapshot camera and you’ll probably see the second one. The main camera can’t see all the corners that they sleep in.

    2. Pam, did you find the snapshot camera link? If so, where is it? I’ve been worried since 3:10 ish today, I haven’t seen the second.

  6. According to the Channel 11 news, the peregrine chicks were removed from Third Avenue today. I hope the parents keep divebombing the construction workers. Serves the developer right.

    1. So sad. My sentiments exactly. So cruel to do this to both the chicks and parents.

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