Does Your House Have A Skunk?

Is there a skunk living under your house?

You might not know it unless you set up a trail-cam.  This video shows two skunks having fun at night near someone’s back door.

If you leave cat food on the back porch, watch out for polecats.

p.s. In the U.S. “polecat” is another name for skunk.  In Europe the polecat is a weasel that looks this.

(video by Rob J. Watson on YouTube)

3 thoughts on “Does Your House Have A Skunk?

  1. Possums will eat cat food too. Where I lived 20 years ago, we had baby possums who lived under the back deck next door coming up on our front porch and eating the cat food.

  2. I once had a friendly young possum that used to come up on the porch in the evening so I started feeding him some dry cat food. He stuck around the yard for 3 years. Kept the raccoons away!

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