Get Ready for Crows

Crows gathering at dusk, Alumni Hall, November 2013 (photo by Kate St. John)

I heard them coming last Friday when 50 crows flew over my neighborhood late in the afternoon.  I heard them again Monday morning before dawn, flying over my house in the dark.

Pittsburgh’s winter crow flock is building.  Right now the number is small but by Halloween we’ll see 1,000 of them at dusk near Pitt’s Alumni Hall. Even more of them in November.

Crows gathering on Alumni Hall, November 2013 (photo by Kate St. John)

By December expect 10,000 crows.  In March they’ll be gone.

Winter’s coming. Get ready for crows.

p.s. Here’s what they were like last year By the Light of the Supermoon.

(photos by Kate St. John, November 2013)

4 thoughts on “Get Ready for Crows

  1. Hi! I’ve actually already seen about 100 or so crows streaming/milling around the tree line near the VA Hospital at the top of Pitt’s campus and dorms next to it this week, specifically Monday and Tuesday evening around a little after 6:00 PM. They seem to be flying in from somewhere to the east of that area; I’m very curious about where they are coming from/spending the day.

  2. Update: last evening (wednesday) the number of crows has exploded and they have now moved down to their traditional area around the Cathedral. The sidewalks this morning in the area are evidence of that.

    1. Andrew, Thank you for the update! I am amazed that my blog post was so close to their arrival. Amazed!

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