Winter Finches On Camera

On Tuesday I wrote about finches from Canada that will visit us this winter: common redpolls, pine siskins, purple finches and more.  Before they get here you might want some practice identifying them. The perfect place to do it is on the Ontario Feederwatch webcam.

This 7-minute video from October 16 shows purple finches, pine siskins, black-capped chickadees and (a bird I didn’t mention yet) evening grosbeaks.

Ontario Feederwatch also has a very unusual “feeder” bird, the State Bird of Pennsylvania — a ruffed grouse — shown in this Tweet from @kerry_lapwing.

These feeders are located in Manitouwadge, Ontario, Canada, a small town 430 miles northeast of Duluth, Minnesota.  It’s already cold there with temperatures well below freezing every night (21o to 27o F or -6o to -3o C).

Tune in to Ontario FeederWatch for a preview of birds we hope to see in the northern U.S. this winter.

(Ontario Feederwatch YouTube video from Becky R, Twitter photo from Kelly Lapwing)

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