Peregrines Nesting in Australia

Peregrine nestcam at Charles Sturt University, Orange, NSW, Australia, Oct 2018

Not only is New South Wales, Australia 15 time zones ahead of Pittsburgh, but the seasons are six months ahead as well. Right now it’s spring in the town of Orange, Australia and peregrine falcons are nesting.

Location of Orange, NSW, Australia (screenshot from Google maps)

Back in 2008, Charles Sturt University set up a falconcam on the nesbox at their Orange campus. This year there are two cameras and great views of the active chicks. (Click here or on the map caption for a closer look at where this is.)

The mother peregrine, Diamond, laid three eggs 21-24 August 2018.  The two chicks hatched on 25-26 September and have kept Diamond and her mate Xavier very busy ever since. 

News of the falconcam was late to reach me so the chicks are now five weeks old and growing their brown feathers.   

Tune in soon to see the nestlings before they fly.   Click here for the CSU Falconcams. Read the latest news at the Falconcam Project page.

(screenshot of CSU Camera One from the CSU Falconcam Project. screenshot of Google map of Australia.  Click on the captions to see the originals)

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