When Will Most Of The Trees Be Bare?

Leafless bur oak, Schenley Park, 4 Nov 2011 (photo by Kate St. John)

Every year I record the date when most of the trees are bare on my favorite hillside in Schenley Park — the hill at the end of the Greenfield Bridge.

In 2008 the leaves were gone by 2 November.  In 2012 Hurricane Sandy stripped them from the trees by 4 November.

Last year the changes happened much later. In 2017, the leaves were still green in late October and more than half were still on the trees on 27 November.  Here’s a 2017 slideshow of autumn trees on that hillside.

  • 26 October 2017: Lots of green at the end of October 2017.

This year is similar to last so I wonder … When will most of the trees be bare?  November 15?  20?  30? Later?

Let me know how the trees look where you live and vote for the date “When Most of the Trees Will Be Bare” by leaving a comment below.

HINT!  Two factors that affect leaf loss on this hillside:  (1) More than half of the trees are oaks; oaks drop their leaves later than maples.  (2) This city location is warmer than surrounding counties.

(photo by Kate St. John)

3 thoughts on “When Will Most Of The Trees Be Bare?

  1. I will have brown leaves all winter. My four enormous pin oaks shed about 2/3 of them and save the rest for my spring clean up! It seems that they always fall shortly after the borough stops their curbside pick up!!

  2. Meg and I estimate that more than half our trees will be bare by November 15th here in Forest Hills Borough, eastern Allegheny County. On our roads today, there are lots of maple (Acer) leaves, which came down overnight, but plenty still to come. The American basswood (Tilia americana) on the hillside above our house is losing leaves rapidly as I write.

  3. In the same location as Anthony, Forest Hills, but our street is dominated with pin oaks and as with Tom I’ll have leaves all winter. The magnolia next door finally turned brown and with the wind yesterday and the predicted cold weather those will be down shortly. A tree in the back yard, don’t know what kind still has green leaves! However one good freeze with drop all those leaves.

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