World’s Fastest Animal on NOVA, Nov 21

World’s Fastest Animal premieres on NOVA, 21 Nov 2018 on PBS (screenshot from NOVA)

Peregrine Fans, our favorite bird is coming to PBS NOVA on Wednesday evening November 21.

The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on earth, reaching speeds of up to 200 miles per hour when diving to capture prey.  PBS NOVA will show us how peregrines are designed to reach these speeds and will follow a falconer that believes his bird can go even faster. We’ll also see the family life of peregrines at a nest in Chicago.

Click here or on the caption above to watch the preview.

Don’t miss the World’s Fastest Animal, premiering on Wednesday November 21 at 9pm ET on PBS.  Check your local listings for re-broadcast times in case you’re busy Wednesday night. In Pittsburgh, watch it on WQED.

(screenshot from the trailer of World’s Fastest Animal on PBS NOVA)

5 thoughts on “World’s Fastest Animal on NOVA, Nov 21

  1. I just watched the show – would love to see a peregrine falcon amid the city – amazing how they can freefall – very interesting study – drones coming in handy everywhere

  2. I watched and it was a fantastic show. Especially impressive was the segment on the PEFA’s vision, and that the young bird profiled could see his handler from 3 km away. Just amazing!

    Thanks, Kate, for giving us the head’s up about the show. And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  3. well it was on my PBS Tuesday the 27th in awe of these creatures

    Have been a raven and crow addict for years — this is my new favorite creature on earth

    I wish there was a NOVA/PBS group to give us continual info on these amazing birds

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